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Lviv Outsourcing Forum - Nice place for offshore software development companies

On June 26, 2010, in Lviv was the second time held Outsourcing Forum, aimed at organizing a dialogue between top management of software development companies western region. The stated themes of this time began the rise of firms and issues of professional and language training - both students and staff.

The Forum was held in Hotel Helikon, and gathered about 60 participants representing mainly Lviv outsourcers. Undoubtedly the major event was the arrival as a speaker Roman Khmil - Managing Director of GlobalLogic Ukraine.

In addition to the stated themes in the forum to actively discuss the draft of new Tax Code and its possible impact on the industry.

I would like to dwell on the reports of Roman Khmil of fictional and real problems faced by the company GlobalLogic during its formation and development, and Yarema Savuly, dean of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics, Lviv University. A. Frank, University of the problems in the preparation of students. Also, interest was the story of Tatiana Naychuk on approaches to teaching English for programmers, web developers and other IT professionals.

Where to hire outsourced team? - Outsourcing Forum

Of all the acute problems faced by offshore software development companies in Ukraine, according to Roman Khmil, the principal is extremely poor level of business education, lack of parks, lack of venture capital. Separately allocated part of the inability of owners of companies to distance themselves from operational management to focus on strategic issues. But the situation is the still better than outsourcing software development company india.

Roman said that he considered it fortunate choice of initial specialization of the company GlobalLogic, because at the time of its decision to consider other areas that looked no less promising. The important point was the fact that the company initially dealt only test that allowed it to provide service to our customers a very high level. However, in the state in the 350-400 employees the company began testing the inhibitory effect of specialization. At this stage also begun to affect the lack of capital, profitability has been insufficient to maintain past growth rates: 100% increase in company with 500 employees requires far more resources than a similar task for a team of 50-100 people. Moreover, management was faced with a lack of knowledge: it was not clear how to make the company a market leader.

Being in such a situation, the company began to seek a strategic investor. The peculiarity of the capitalist in that it not only makes money but also helps determine the future path of the company. In the case of GlobalLogic has chosen the strategy of "blue ocean": create a new segment of the outsourcing market and thus be at the top of the pyramid stood by its first representative. The company and entered by selecting from a wide field of outsourcing software development company for turnkey. Read more about the prospects of team outsourcing for offshore software development company.

From other comments Romana worth noting two. First: because Kiev, Lviv and Kharkiv form around 85% outsourcing market, the likelihood that GlobalLogic will open offices in other cities, is extremely low - this can only happen as a result of acquisitions of local firms. Second: at the time of the merger with IndusLogic attitude Ukrainian developers to India was 400 to 800, and Roman thought that the Ukrainian part will gradually decline, unable to withstand competition with India. However, at this time Ukrainian unit overtook India, with nearly 1600 employees in 1500 against India, which indicates the significant potential of Ukrainian specialists.

Suddenly, a conference was unsuccessful: the place for conversation in the margins - the most valuable part of such events - there were very few people were crowding and pushing, that did not help communication. The constant failure of the rules and the frequent failure to disclose the alleged fact rapporteurs also left feeling dissatisfied.

Nevertheless, the coffee break is clearly distinguished three groups gathered around Alexei Skrypnik, director of the firm "Alex", Roman Khmil and director of the audit firm T. Soltis, which is actively discussing the implications of adopting the new Tax Code.

After the coffee break Yarema Savula concisely, but very meaningfully identify the reasons for poor students training in advanced technology and English language. For example, according to documents of the Ministry of Education, Faculty of Applied Mathematics, English should be taught for 5 semesters on Polpara week. Obviously, with so many lectures to get an acceptable result is impossible. Trying to somehow influence the situation, the university due to their hours increased that number doubled, to one pair per week, but even this is not enough.

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Also Yarema Savula invited offshore software development companies to collaborate with faculty in the form of lectures and courses that can be read representatives of companies. One of the proposed topics is Will Ukraine have own Silicon Valley? Better than software company india.

The weak opening, contrary to the declared reports of the subjects learning a little bit offset current report Tatiana Naychuk. She discussed the learning process of IT professionals is not just in the context of English language skills, but as a communication problem: even a good knowledge of the language does not always mean the ability to communicate. In the West, communicative abilities are paying close attention, starting with preschool. In our country this sphere of knowledge and skills is almost entirely terra unknown.

In the end we would like to note that the idea of the forum, of course, excellent: through shared experience accelerated development of the industry, but the organizers have more to do, otherwise, I think, the initiative has been waiting a better future.